Profile picture facing left of a smiling, attractive gray-haired womanWelcome to Linda Porelle Coaching.

I’m Linda Porelle—Personal Coach, Wise Woman and card-carrying member of the baby boom generation. We were born singing “Change is gonna come.” I believe that we boomers were sent here to change the world. I’ve always taken that assignment very seriously.

I thrive on creating vibrant personal connections and following my curious and courageous spirit wherever it leads. After more than 25 years as a licensed social worker, that curiosity has led me to embark on a new career as a personal coach. Coaching comes naturally to me. I’ve always had a strong desire to connect with others, embrace life challenges and discover their deeper meaning.

In our culture of rugged individualism, self-reliance, and loneliness, the joys of relationship and interdependence are often sadly neglected. My friends like to quote me as saying that autonomy is highly overrated. The myth of total self-reliance no longer serves our needs as social, related beings. We need, and can help one another, particularly in this time of rapid and ongoing transformation in the world around us. This African proverb circulated on the web perfectly illustrates my own convictions.

Photo of two African women holding hands with proverb written above. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Are you a woman of “a certain age” feeling powerfully drawn to charting a new life course and equally daunted by the prospect of leaving your familiar world behind?  Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed, poised at one of life’s inevitable Transitions—yearning for freedom and possibility, yet held back by fear and doubt?

As your personal coach, I will accompany you as you experience the joy that will arise as you follow your courageous spirit, finding happiness in the Now, even as you set out to wholeheartedly inhabit your own beautiful life.


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  1. Beautiful Linda. I really really love your text – it makes me want to be a woman of a certain age so I can be supported by you in this beautiful but incomprehensible world.
    Lots of love,

    • Beautiful Aimee–one day you will be taking your place among the women of “a certain age.” You will be bringing all of your own lovely gifts with you.

  2. Love your site! It is thoughtful, insightful and beautiful, as you are. I have always loved hearing your voice and enjoy your quick wit and wisdom. You are definitely going far!!!

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. Linda,
    This is a fabulous site. You have done amazing work here my friend. So proud of you and for you. Love this so much. Love you too. XOXO

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